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Some Facts

Every student has capabilities. They need support, someone to understand and listen to their needs patiently, without biased and judgement; Some-one who will help them recognize and develop their strength.

If a student is mentally strong, emotionally balanced, happy in his mind & at peace internally; Academic success will surely follow.

Understanding and acknowledging our limitations is first step. Then you can find ways to work around it to achieve anything in your Life Happy Learner program is a giant step forward, towards that!

Some Facts

  • 53% of students are suffering from either moderate or severe form of depression.
  • 40% of students feel under continuous stress
  • 30% also confirmed feeling lonely at times
  • 6% of the students confirmed that they felt like committing suicide
  • 8% suffer from anxiety & panic attacks

India has one of the world’s highest suicide rates for youth aged 15 to 29
In 2015, Maharashtra reported most student suicides of any state 14% of country: 1,230 of 8,934




Jhuma Writes in February,18

I am a student of engineering. I was in a difficult situation where I was unable to concentrate or remember what I studied. Due to this problem I have scored less in my exams, it was difficult for me handle this stress. There were other personal emotional problems also which was affecting me.


Rachna Mam has helped me to come out of this phase. The exercises she has given me has helped me to increase my memory and concentration level which has turned into better results in exam.


The other stress has also been reduced and I got strength to manage the problems better, I am thankful to her


Arya Writes in January,18


It's been quite an adventure, Rachna ma'am has helped me discover my inner capabilities and face all challenges courageously. She's helped me in my transformation process. It started off with me being extremely scared of facing the CA exams and ending up with me clearing both groups of IPCC. Well I am a CA final student now and Rachna ma'am has greatly helped me in all these achievements. With her guidance at every stage and her generosity she's helped become the person that I am today. I have truly bonded with her and she's more like a friend to me. She's helped me gain my confidence and self-esteem. She's a wonderful person and has always empathized and helped me overcome my weaknesses and convert them into my strengths.


Oh!  It's been one of the most amazing journeys😊


Rimjhim Writes in January,18


I am a student and from my school days I wanted to be a doctor but couldn't clear medical entrance exam. I took drop for 4 years but couldn't clear. This took me in great depression. I forgot to enjoy my life. Nothing was wrong except my exam but I was not happy even after 4 yrs of this and felt great depression.

On my first session, I was confused whether it will work or not, but the nature of Rachna maam was so great that made me feel it will surely work. And really, after 3 sessions I felt little bit relaxed, confident and happy. But I thought it may not last but after 3 months I found myself very confident and feeling that I am enjoying every second of my life.


Thank you so much maam for this great positive change. You are a life saver for me. I am grateful for the positive environment you provided me.


Pratik Writes in September,17


I am student and currently studying in third year of B.Tech. I was in a serious relationship with a girl from last 3 and half years. We were in long distance relationship since last two years. And because it was my first love, I was very serious about it and I had many dreams for our future. Recently we had breakup and It was a complete disaster for me. At time of break up she blamed me for everything even when I never broke her trust. I knew that I was not wrong but getting humiliated by a close person was too bad. But I wanted to recover from the situation. So, I tried my best but I failed. 

I wanted to leave the feelings behind but each time I tried, I hurt myself even more. I was not sure what was happening to me. Due to this incident, I was not able to trust any person even my close friends. I was feeling really alone even when there were friends around me. Sleepless nights, bad dreams, lack of self-confidence, trust issues, negativity ...all was happening to me at same time. Sometimes I was so depressed that I was thinking to commit suicide. I never wanted these things. I wanted to move on but I didn't know what was happening. 

When I came to know about Rachna mam, I visited her website and read the reviews. I discussed with her on WhatsApp and decided to go Pune and visit her. In first session, we discussed many things that was happening and bothering me. She understood my case and focussed on relaxation. 

After the session, I was still having that feelings but I was feeling better. And after so many days I got full sleep on that night. She insisted me to come on next day for another session. The second session was completely MIRACLE for me. Because after the session I was feeling like I am not the man that I was before. I was so happy and my smile was back after so many days. I wanted to jump, I wanted to shout. I don't know what was happening to me. My memories were there, some vanished but any memory was not bothering me anymore. I was not feeling good or bad about my past. I was just feeling a guy who had left his past behind and only focusing on his career right now. After the session, I was full of positive energy. Then she told me some exercises that I should do on regular basis. I am about 99% cured. Sometimes I get some worse feelings but I follow exercises and it happens just for some time. 

I am very thankful to you Rachna mam. You always called me 'baccha ' during the treatment. You treated me like a parent, understood me like a friend and you showed me how to look towards life in other ways. I highly recommend Rachna mam for such problems. Thank you very much for giving me my life back.


Aakash writes in August,17


I am glad to know Rachna Mam & would like to share my story... I was suffering from both mental & physical health problems. Let’s start with physical one first. I had chronic sinusitis which was very big problem for me in day to day life. It used to cause severe headache, facial pain across nose, around eyes & obvious in sinuses. So, I always used to stay tired & weak for last 4 to 5 years. I didn’t take my BE (E&TC) exams over & over again because of pain, even though I was good at study. So, I failed in many subjects. I lost my 2 years of engineering. I started avoiding people. My friends became less. I was like "what’s happening to me?" I was stressed out. As a result, I became mentally weak. Then I started to live with fear, social anxiety, low confidence & depression. Even I was facing difficulty in doing my study. I became more & weaker mentally & physically. 

I had been to many doctors for physical as well as mental illness. But many treatments failed. Some helped me but up to certain level. 

Then I came across Rachna mam when I had lost all hopes. Rachna mam is an excellent clinical hypnotherapist & life coach. When I met her she told me that, "root cause of my problems may be present physical & mental stress or it may be the childhood trauma which must be cleared." Then she suggested me some sessions. 

Before each session Rachna mam takes time to explain every procedure, she is doing. She was very supportive & thorough when explaining the process before each session. I have done 5 sessions. I did all exercises given by her after each session. Then I got to know that it’s really working. 

I had been to many other doctors/ therapist with same or related profession but they didn’t help me as Rachna mam. She took my sessions one to one keeping in mind seriousness of my condition than common session. So that every session worked on my personnel deep level issues from childhood. 

Rachna mam teaches right & proper techniques which if used regularly we get amazed with the results. 

Now, I am improving my physical & mental health day by day. I'm sure that I'll definitely get completely cured. I also learned how to use these techniques in every area of our life 

Rachna mam is a professional & has a naturally kind personality. I would recommend Rachna Murdeshwar to everyone. She is the best Hypnotherapist & Life coach I have ever had...!!! 

Thank you very much...!!! RACHNA MAM...!!!


Krishna C.S. Writes in June,16


I was preparing for a tough competitive exam but could not concentrate or focus to my full strength. I was getting distracted every now and then which was so worrying to me. Then I attended a session with Rachna Ma'am. In that session Ma'am taught me the self-hypnosis and relaxation technique and I practiced it every day and still practicing it... The technique helped me a lot in improving my concentration and focus and now I'm feeling confident. Thank you Ma'am.


Disha W Writes in Jan,16


I had joined a Life Coaching Programme with Ma'm and I ended up having a buddy in my journey. Starting a task was never as fun, as creative yet as diligent before this. Life is all about achieving the right balance in every walk of life and Rachna Ma'm taught me just that. Most importantly she gave me techniques/ life tools to achieve it. Will be ever grateful for these life lessons.


Saket Writes in December,15 


I attended a session with Rachna ma'am. I was physically stressed before my civil services exam and was experiencing severe body ache. The session really helped me de-stress. Ma'am also recommended some techniques which (if done daily) helped me profoundly


Mruganayani Writes in September,14


I was really confused about my career choice and wasn't happy with my current one. My self-confidence had tanked considerably and I had lost the zeal to do anything. Rachna helped me clear all problems with my parents and help me to let go of my fears. 

I am more confident now and I have opened up more to others. Rachna has also helped me learn to come out of my problems on my own with simple techniques and stay in the right frame of mind. She really understands and always has a patient ear. I would recommend her to anyone who is facing some issues and does not know where to go.


Purva H Writes in January,13


I was constantly performing bad in my academics due to my poor focus, concentration, recalling and my anger.....but after 3 sessions and one recording to listen at night has helped me a developing focus, memorizing, concentration and controlling my anger and this was possible only because of RACHANA mam I have started developing an interest towards studies, I feel more relaxed and confident after my studies than I used to feel before having those 3 sessions... in those 3 sessions I have got various easy and fun tricks to perform while sleeping no extra time is needed to perform them.....A BIG THANKS TO RACHANA MAM for helping me..







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